Robo VR Shooter

Robot VR shooter was a project in development in the early days of virtual reality. I was using it as a study of metal decay and fatigue. The concept behind this as you play the droid tasks to be claiming resources from derelict spaceship's.

Age of Bronze

Age of Bronze is a RPG based around the mythological cycle of Irish history. You play as the Lugh the mythical blacksmith King tasked freeing his people the  Tuatha Dé Danann from the Tyrannical rule of bres and the Fomorians a race of giants that are half man half beast and hail from beneath the ocean.
 The development of this project is ongoing 

The Emissive Cinematic Test Shot

The Emissive what is a claustrophobic first-person shooter developed in unity 3D set in a science fiction setting with elements of survival horror. The extent of my work on this project involved environment acid creation, character generation, rigging,and extensive work in lighting post production and working with in game cut scenes using a timeline sequencer including rendering cinema quality export files to be shown on the IFI cinema screen,

Night Drive

Night drive was a fast pace VR racing game that was showcased at state of play 2017. The project was designed to use peripherals such as a steering wheel and pedals along with the Oculus Rift. The project took inspiration from The aesthetics of 1980s synth wave culture. What are the game play was heavily inspired buy arcade classics such as Out Run