I have a number of years of experience working as a 3D designer - I started out doing graphic design for fliers and live club visuals (pre-rendered/live mixing) in the vibrant Limerick nightclub scene in 2005 for clubs in Baker Place, The Wicked Chicken and Dolan's. A lot of that content was motion graphics to be mixed to complement house and dubstep DJs.


After that, I moved towards video game design and real-time rendering. I have a number of accomplishments in that role such as video game art asset creation, photogrammetry and texturing. I have also worked as a freelance artist on a number of different interactive digital media based projects, including the European Commission's SciArt programme funded "Silicon Synapse".


3D modelling for video games really ignited my passion for high-resolution digital sculpting using ZBrush and texturing using Substance Painter, however for the last two years I've been working with 3D printing, both fused deposition modelling and masked stereolithography. I have mostly been working with the tabletop gaming scene but I have also done a number of prop design projects for theatre productions.